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Question 93 600sl euro light conversion

I have purchased the euro lites thru mb, and when I get some time off will attempt to make the conversion. The original setup has the wiper assy. The questions I have are:

a) Other than the conversion of the electrical socket to match the new assy, are there any other electrical issues?

b) Will there be any issues with the original wiper assy?

c) Is this a basic bolt-in project?

I am hoping that this is a bolt in project, but searching the forums, I see that there may be some other factors that I am overlooking depending on the year and model of the mb. Before I get the significant other's baby dissassembled and initiate a possible divorce case, I thought I should ask for whatever experience/guidance that you can offer. BTW, the lights were an Xmas present to the better half....

93 sl600
93 600sel

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