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artpb - I spent most of my life in Rochester, and 7 years going to school in Buffalo, and all I can say is that I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that weather anymore! One thing I've realized after moving to DC is that, certainly, you can deal with it in places like Buffalo, but they could down her also if there weren't so many people. Just picture Main Street Buffalo, packed with cars at 8am on a weekday morning after/during a huge snow fall. No one can move, the plows can't get through, and everyone is just stuck. That is what it's like down here because the population is so huge and so many people are on the road.

After yesterday's snowfall I was reminiscing about when my brother and I, after a storm, would get in his front wheel drive VW rabbit or Dodge Omni, etc., and play rally-driver out on the streets. Good luck doing that down here. There are just too many people and the streets are too narrow and crowded. I think that's the bottom line why they can't deal with the snow in these areas.

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