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As I have worked on MBs through 5 new "S" Classes, I have gotten over the fact that the I don't usually like the new cars looks.

As I am a Technician with a B.S in Engineering I drool over the new technology.

My over all favorite bar none is a twin-turbo Carrera 4. I have always had the sports car in the family and my wife drove the big car. That involved three eras of "S" class cars. My current 84 928S which I purchased in 1987 still only has 92k on it but I am looking right now for a 97 or newer 540i BMW. I also am real attracted to the V8 CLKs, but am not tuned into the look yet. (I hated the 210 chassis when it came out, but now find it the class of the group - I will probably grow to like the wedge.... its coming).

I will get the 540 sometime this year. Getting the 540 is a business decision as our shop needs to become more aware of BMW's sophisticated systems.. at least the equal of MB in that reguard. I have never owned a big BMW before as I really disapprove of a car that I can't tune the drivability with alignment. I plan to only have the car for a year or less - my partner is going to get a 500SL. We are planning on selling them at least yearly as a business venture and a technology experience.
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