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New Windshield-State Farm Balking On OEM Replacement?

In Florida insurance companies have to replace your windshield without a deductible if it gets broken. There seems to be a catch though. When I got a price from the MB dealer to do the job and gave it to SF they said no way, that it was too much, that I would have to get it replaced by a SF "approved" shop. When I asked MB why the big difference they said they remove the old seal install a new one and that their windshiel would have the MB star in it.

The SF "approved" glass shops I talked to do not replace the seal and instead apply a new sealer over the old seal, also the aftermarket glass will not have the MB star logo in it.

I am the original owner of the car and I feel not having the MB star in the windshield possibly affects the reasle value.

Also I notice there is some sort of dark gray masking imprinted in the lower portion of the windshield and I can't confirm that the non MB glass will have that.

Has anyone else run into my situation? If so how did you resolve it?

Thank you.
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