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Three magic words

State Insurance Commission.

In Florida, this is a mantra to be used when the insurance co. balks or hesitates.

A good used windshield and a new seal should make your car as good as new, and that probably won't upset State Farm.

In a like manner,
If you have any trouble with the telephone company in Florida, such as I did when they refused to acknowledge payment of a $70 phone bill in Novenber that I paid for with my bank's e-payment system (which I had used for a year before) they did nothing until I sent e mail to the Florida Public Service Commission.

Two digits of the three digit number that follows my phone number were reversed. My phone number is unique in the US, so this should not have been any sort of problem for them.

As soon as I complained, they called and stayed on the phone until they found their error.
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