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Originally Posted by fonzi View Post
As for the "cashiers check", originally the buyer wanted to send me a wire, and I said no wire. I'm not providing my checking/routing info. I know it is on every check I write, but it don't normally write checks to people I don't know, or businesses that I don't deal with repeatedly. So he offered to send a "cashiers check". I can deposit it into one of my more empty accounts and ask my bank.

I am definitely on the more cautious side regarding scams.
I currently have a boat for sale, and it seems 4 out of 5 inquiries are from scam artists. Most want to pay me full asking price without seeing the boat!

Apparently even a Cashiers Check (Certified Cheque in Canada) can be a forgery. The banks sometimes don't find that out until the car or boat has gone. I will only deal with people who personally come and see my boat and who I know something about.

But I know you sold one car to an offshore buyer. Presumably that went well?
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