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Thanks guys. I actually LOVE projects and wrenching. My wife has accepted this one, and is to upset about it being in the driveway or around. Yes, I've kind of fallen in love with the w108. I either want BOTH a w108 and my SLC convertible, or a w111 cabriolet. I like w111 coupes but honestly think I would prefer a sedan over a coupe for usability and value. Since it seems there really aren't any w111 cabriolet under $50+, I should accept that that ain't happening. There was a nicely done conversion on ebay a few days ago and it had several things going against it in the buying category (being shipped from UK back to the US, buyer needs to pay import taxes, and after all a conversion), but it was really nice and asking $29,000. It seems to have sold in less than 24 hours. I think in order to buy it, you may need to hire someone in the UK to make sure the car is real too, not a scam.

I went after this one over the weekend, as it seems to be an upgrade over mine, and I have seats I could install in it as a temporary solution. The winning bidder and I were the only bidders over $2375. I talked to someone who knows these and he felt that getting the car home for under $4000 was a sure win. It my max bid, and with the first shipping quote I got, I would have been into it for over $4500 plus the value of my interior. I stopped bidding at the max bid.

Here's another closer comp. It's not an SE like mine, but a 280sel, looking probably a little better than mine. I might have gone after it if I wouldn't have shipping on top:

So I am getting to see that there are a hell of a lot of w108/109 out there, and maybe I can get my hands on a nicer one, but I shouldn't expect it to be cheap. I didn't realize how great of a deal I got on this purchase.

Cashiers check has been deposited in my smallest dollar amount account, and it did not clear on the first day of business. The check was overnighted, but I wasn't home to receive it.

If this one leaves my driveway, I'm afraid I will never get another rust free stacked headlight car.

I do love working on the cars, Absolutely LOVE it.
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