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Christian K
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Thank's for your reply.

T124 ..? I'm not sure, I thought it was called W124, but maybe it's T124 (T for transport?)? I do know it was the last chassi with the big rectangular front lights, before they got the circular ones.

I'm almost 100% sure the car has never been crasched, since the car is very well documented with dealer service and only has had one owner before me. But I heard that head light wipers weren't standard on all markets. A service guy said that they were attached after the car left the factory especially for the Swedish market. This might explain why MB Germany never thought it was a problem. He also said the electric engines to the wipers were very exposed, sitting in the front, to salt, dirt etc. And we do have rather harsh driving conditions here in Sweden big parts of the year, which can explain why many of the wiper motors fail on Swedish cars. But I guess the climate / conditions in many of the northern U.S. states must be similar to ours.

We have steel wheels as standard. The wheel sides however look pretty good, but I'm considering to get alloys for summer tires and go for 205/60:s and there seem to be a lot to chooze from. I'd like to keep an original "correct" look.

And yes, I really like the car. It is feels solid and are nice to drive. And it looks really good too, with clear marker glass as standard.


Christian Karlsson
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