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I'll bite. To answer your MB question first - all MB's sold in the US with the exception of the ML and G series SUV's and some 4matic sedans, are rear wheel drive. I do believe that there are some small A series vehicles sold in europe that are front drivers but I may be wrong. (Can one of our European members answer this?)

As for the advantages or preference of one over the other - that is mostly a personal question. Many people who grew up driving rear wheel drive cars like myself much prefer them. Personally, I believe that if you take the time to understand how the vehicle behaves under different circumstances rear wheel drive is far superior. It offers much more predictible emergency handling, better traction on acceleration, and no interference between the acceleration and steering.

That said, I have come to realize that for the vast majority of people on American roads who aren't as keenly interested in driving, front wheel drive is less likely to cause problems. It provides 'easier' traction under most situations and is somewhat more forgiving of driver inattention and lack of care.

I think it is not an accident that most of the high performance cars the world over - MB, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus (at least the GS and LS) - are all rear drivers. These are all cars that are consistantly noted as having excellent driving characteristics and handeling.


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