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Yes, 210km/h. AMG cars are 250km/h.
Wow! Only 210km/h! That's only 130mph! I would have thought it would have been limited at 140 or 150 mph.

Is there a way to override the limiter?

In North America, most customers put crappy replacement tires on their cars, regardless of OE tire selection. MB keeps their "liability" down buy using speed limiters on all their cars, regardless of performance.
Really? I have not seen this trend on MB. In fact almost every MB I see has Michelin MXV4 or Pirelli tires. I cannot recall ever seeing a w140 w/o the MXV4 except ones that did not have the stock rims. Those without stock rims usually had the 18" AMG wheels with either P-Zeros or equivalent. However, I totally agree with you regarding other less expensive car manufacturers.
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