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in addition to what may already have been mentioned:

* FWD introduces torque steer; some design and engineering effort is required to cancel this out.

* RWD allows the front wheels to be free from torque steer, and other associated effects of the driveshaft, resulting in potentially better steering feel and precision. That is the reason why BMWs have the best steering feel around. And steering feel and precision is one of the characteristics that inspires driver confidence.

* the unsprung mass of a RWD car's front wheels/suspension can potentially be made lower than that of a FWD car, because of the absence of the driveshaft and constant-velocity (CV) joint. This results in better frontend roadholding of a RWD car.

* the steering angle in a FWD car is invariably limited by the maximum angle of the CV joint. As such, the max steering angles of RWD cars are typically bigger that those of FWD cars.
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