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Originally Posted by JeffreyNMemphis View Post
My experience bears toward your assertion regarding flywheel interchangeability from M180 to M130. When I did my engine swap from M180 to M130, I changed the flywheel to one from a manual transmission M130. The M130 block uses a different sized stretch bolt that is expensive ($35.00 each times six). I did not do any special machine shop service to balance anything, maybe I should have?
No, you did it correctly. The M130 manual flywheel that you used was already correctly balanced (unless something strange happened to it. If you had have used an M180 flywheel the engine would have been destroyed by being SOOO out of balance with the M130 engine. The M130 expects each to be independently balanced, the M180 engine expects to be balanced with crank and flywheel as a single unit, with neither being in balance by themselves. And yes, the bolts are different. Having said that, finding a manual transmission M130 flywheel is not easy to do in the US.
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