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No compression on cylinder #8. Will this cause no start?

My timing chain jumped a couple of teeth on the left cylinder head because of a bad tensioner. I replaced the tensioner, rails, and gears inside and outide the timing cover(huge job). The chain has 40,000 miles and shows no stretch. Timing marks on both cams line up when the harmonic balancer points to 0 degrees. I tried to start the car and allit would do is pop and backfire. So I checked the distributor rotor was pointing to the #1 plug wire at 0 degrees on the harmonic balancer and both cam lobes pointed upward. Still no start. Now the heart wrenching part. I checked compression on the cylinders. All show 145-150 psi in 20 degree outside temperature with new10W-40 oil except #8 which is not showing any compression at all. How bad is the damage likely? Is this compression normal. It was around 125-130 psi on all cylinders last fall when I checked but the engine was warm and the air temp was around 60 degrees?

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