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Originally Posted by KarTek View Post
RPM wise, I believe 6000 may be possible with stock rods but not any higher because of the heavy slugs. They do make H beam rods for this engine that let you run to about 7000 IIRC.

I think the ECU does cut boost for a split second while shifting because you can feel it fall on it's face a little. I know I've hooked vacuum straight to the waste gate for testing and acceleration is much smoother without the dip when shifting.

Induction wise, when it's finished, I will have a HX40 turbo compounded into an Eaton M90 supercharger. My goal is 400HP so his will cover boost needs from idle to full throttle.

For your project, you may want to consider the HY35 with it's smaller turbine housing to get back some spool up performance. The HY supported 300HP on the stock Cummins so I think it would work great in this case.
Doh, guess the rev limiter increase is out of question.

And that's a nice setup you're planning....if you ever get around to do it, I want pics!

And the HY35 turbo looks decent, actually. I've been reading a lot of HY35 vs HX35 arguments, and it seems that each have their pro's and cons.

HY35 pro

spools quickly and comes into effect at lower rpm
nearly almost same size as HX35


high EGT at top rpm
flows less than HX35 at top rpm
"only" good for 200-hp ish (this was from the dudes in the 4bt trucks, not sure how that is applicable)

HX35 pro

almost the same size as hy35
flows significantly better than hy35
more efficient, less EGT when setup correctly
supports up to 450 hp


large, so spools late (2000+ rpm late, supposedly)

Despite the many cons that the HY35 has, I'm looking at it....mainly because it spools quickly. I need something like that -- this car is going to be a daily driver, mostly in the city, meaning no outrageous RPM climbing or anything. The car probably will never go past 2500 RPM -- so I want the power available then.

HX35, while looking tempting, probably won't ever see much use outside a few times a month, since with my projected use, it'll probably spend most of its time idling.

Now I get why they say choosing the right turbo is as much as an art as it is a science. Ugggggh.

Originally Posted by shertex View Post
RocketChip is the place to go. Reasonably priced, stellar reputation. Speedtuning...not so much.
Hmm, i'll have to give him a look. It's a shame, I'm located in CA and he's nowhere nearby.
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