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Originally Posted by the D View Post
I'll mention the steering idler arm bushing kit. Those are often overlooked and almost always toast.

********az sells a complete rear control arm kit for the 124, 129, 201. If you are going this deep into the car, subframe and differential bushings should be done now as well. You don't want to get everything back together and find out you still have a clunk from something that would have taken 30 minutes to do while apart

Stabilizer bar bushings all around too. Basically, if it's a rubber bushing you should replace it no matter what since you will have the car that far apart
Oh yeah, idler arm bushing is a really good one. Surprised I missed that.

That is a good point. I was going to save those for next year. Suspension links seem easy, but subframe always seems like a project. Does having the rear suspension already out make it that much easier?

Swaybar bushings are on my internal list, but less important to me because they should be able to be done later without taking anything else apart, right?

Originally Posted by Hirnbeiss View Post
After that I would drive awhile and inspect, replacing items only if they are clearly toast. 160K is not a lot of miles for those MB's, and money spent on 28 year old Michigan drivers (vs. garaged classics) should be targeted judiciously.
If this was a typical Michigan driver, I was on a tight budget, or it was not my 4th (3rd 80's German) car I would tend to agree with you. However, it is a very clean car from Virginia, the OO/PO garaged it, and I am tired of doing jobs multiple times. If I dive in I'm doing all of it because if one thing is bad the rest is not far behind. This is just my way of handling it at this point.

Originally Posted by babymog View Post
Front swaybar brackets.

These seem to fatigue on these cars and crack, worth doing while you're there.
Thanks, I'll check on them.

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