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Hey Douglas, I researched this topic
two years ago and bought a NOAH
car cover for my 300D for 139.95
$5 shipping plus $9 for cable lock.
It came with grommets and the Mercedes
storage bag for no extra cost. The average
price at the time was 175 for just the cover
and all else extra with shipping at $10-15.
(source one marketing in Irvine Cal.
Two sites with comprehensive info are:

Sunbrella fabric seems to be especially
marketed for sunny locations.
Whoever you talk to ask them where the cover is made, does it have antenna hole, double stitched, grommets, one or two side mirror
'gloves' or none at all, is it custom fitted,
does it weigh alot(face it, it can be a hassle sometimes wrestling with it if it is heavy, the NOAH is light, does it dry quick
(a soaked cover is a hassle), warranty,storage bag, elastic on front and back (good elastic which won't
stretch out quick).
Tip: careful not to rub the cover on the hot
exhaust pipe when fitting it on!
GOOD LUCK to ya!

p.s you want one that won't have ya paragliding on a windy day !

1979 300D
133K miles
1989 300SE
1995 C280
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