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What would happen if the ignition coil failed?

The reason i ask is because I think something is wrong with mine.

car is 1985 190E 2.3 8vlv

I was on my way to get my flex discs changed, and my car died on the road, it died in a strage way because

The engine was still turning, the rpms were at 1500 I was just coasting along at 50km/h

I noticed something is wrong because when I stepped on the gas there was no response, the economy gauge went up to indicate fuel flowing but car did not go anywhere.

I quickly pulled into a side road and when I was almost stopped the engine died and all the dash lights went on.

I tried restarting, and it would not go. I made a few calls to see what I can do about a tow truck, but after the first call, which lasted about a minute, I tried it again and it started right up.

On another ocassion it died on the highway when going over 120km/h, scary ****...

I think the coil cuts out but the wheels still spin the engine through the tranny which is why the engine shows that it still works.

I also think it does nort start right up because the engine gets flooded.

I jiggled the ignition cables and it has not happened yet.

I just wanted to see if any know what WOULD happen if the ignition coil went.


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