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Temperature rises between 80 and 120

Hi All,

I am a new member to I have browsed the technical forum to find answer to my question. So far no luck.
I hope some one could help with my question. Thanks in advance.

I have recently purchased a Mercedes E-Class W210 an E230 model. This car is in amaculate condition with one exception, when stuck in rush hour or driving slowly the engine temperature rises quickly above 80 and upto very close to 120. I normally put the internal fan on with full heater on and open all windows. This brings the termperature down imediatley to 80. Could you please help me to indentify what the problem could be. On my previous Honda, I had a similar problem where a switch which truns on the radiator fan was faulty. After replacing that switch, problem was cured. On mercedes I've been unable to locate any such switches, I don't know there is one on mercedes or not.


W. Ahmed
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