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Tumbler question

i posted this in teh diesel section. but now i figyure out i might get more help here.

car: 1984 300sd

my tumbler is bad. now is still can't get my key to turn to position "1" in the W126. but the good news is the outer metal portion is detatched. i can turn the outer ring with a screw driver. so i turned it to position "1" and inserted the allen wrench. i meansured the depth i had to insert in the other tumbler and it looks like i got it in. but i still can't remove it. now my question is do i need to pull it out of screw it out? i have tried both. or do i actually have to have the key in? i tried pulling it out by putting a vice grip to the black collar.

i inspected the other one and it seems to be that when u get the pin in you shouldn't need to have the key in to remove it. i need ideas on what i should try doing. is there a special tool the dealer would have since i already got the release pin in.

and another thing i hear people talking about a modified coat hanger to push in both holes. but i only have 1 hole in the metal portion. so where do these 2 prongs go into?

my car is stuck here at my gf's house. so i need help. and i am took broke to do any dealer jobs. thxs for any advices
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