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Leon Hernandez
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Thanks for the replys all. Nah can't get angry just because I did not hear what I wanted to hear! Financially though I can't get out of this one and trade off for another. Lord willing though I can start making plans for trading this one in in the near future. My credit union will finance an used vehicle back to 93' maybe 94' by next year. So, here goes a loaded quetion (with a budget of up to 18-20k)what is a good alternative? We started out with a 85 300SD and have had injector pump problems (had to replace,ouch!) now this so am getting a bit discouraged. I'd like to 'enjoy' the vehicle and not spend all my spare time 'tinkering' to keep them running. IF I had a budget for a hobby car then that would be OK. So, again I set myself up and will brace myself for the recommendations. Well at least that way I can work towards a budget too. A 300/400 series for long trips and commutes. Thanks again! Leon
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