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My strange glow plugs...

The glow plug problem continues. I cleaned the contacts on the relay and changed the fuse and the glow plugs worked just great. This afternoon they refused to work BUT they worked in the morning. I noticed that they will always work when the car is still warm, and I noticed that I didn't have any problems for the past week or so when the weather was dry. I just went out to use the car a few minutes ago and the plugs didn't work. Car was cold and it is damp out from the rain today. Any connections you guys can make? Oh, my mechanic tested the plugs themselves and said they were fine. This only leaves the relay or the wiring, which I think is also fine. Oh, and I have a voltimeter wired into my electrical system so I know the plugs aren't working because there isn't the usual 2V drop.

Also, I was planning on taking this car skiing friday for a day trip and don't really want to get caught if my plugs don't work. How would I go about connecting the plugs directly to the battery as some have done? What are the proper connection points? I don't want to screw it up, fry the plugs and destroy the battery.

Thanks so much! Sorry to bother you with another GP issue.

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