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W210 OM606 runaway diesel problem

I hope someone can help point me in the right direction here.
I've bought a 96 E300D W210 with an OM606 engine (non turbo).
Basically as soon as you turn the ignition on it fires up and the revs go crazy as if it's a runaway. Luckily the engine shuts down when the ignition is turned off.
I don't want to try and start it again until I've diagnosed what exactly is wrong.
It's got a drive by wire Throttle Possition Sensor which might be worth further investigation but I suspect in may be the pump that's pushing out too much fuel.
Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone know whether something inside the pump could be sticking open therefore injecting too much fuel?
I guess the TPS could also cause this??? I'm currently awaiting a new engine loom so I'll wait for that before doing anything further with the TPS.
Is there anything else that could be causing the engine to over fuel??
Thanks in advance
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