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Well, thats a good question.

I was at the California ASC and iATN Trade Show in Los Angeles in June. I was looking at aqueous solution hot tanks (big dish washer type devices for cleaning parts). I happened upon the Bilstein display with some time and got the whole speel. I then listened to a couple speels from similar equiptment vendors.

Here is my round about analysis:

First let me say that I see NO oil related failures in the cars I service. The engines outlast the useful economics of the chassis.

My second impression goes like this. I have a friend that specializes in a single Asian car line. He has a gorgeous shop. He has a trans service flusher, a cooling system flusher and if he had been in Ca he surely would have gotten a lube system flusher. He doesn't have a Scan Tool, a DSO, an Ignition Scope or an Exhaust gas analyzer. If you can understand the differences between these groups of tools then you will grasp two different concepts of auto service repair.

I surely can't see anything wrong with the process. The guys that gave testamonials said it was a gold mine (am I talking to the right group here {bg}). If it were free I would buy it, if someone else would do it for me.

With the exception of an occasional decarbonizing with low cost GM chemicals, we offer none of these Menu type services. Maybe they have their value for restoring abused equiptment but I view them as a "Gold Mine". (but I'm not a miner; I'm a technician).

BTW, I have 14 scanners (maybe more), 5 DSOs, a Bosch ignition analyzer, two exhaust gas analyzers, and a 500hp ASM chassis dyno.

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