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A friend recently complained of poor A/C cooling in his '93 190E 2.3. Inspection reveals a low freon charge but more importantly, across the R-12 refrigerant capacity sticker is written "134a - 24 oz"
[stated system capacity is 2.2 lbs]. The freon charge fittings are standard R-12.

Freon analysis reveals the presence of an R-12/R134 blend. The composition of the refrigerant oil is unknown.

He is the original owner and states that the only prior A/C work was approx. a year ago; he was unaware of this "pseudo-conversion".

Assuming no compressor damage, will replacement of the leaking component(s) and the receiver/drier be sufficient or should the system also be aggressively flushed? Any technical insight would be appreciated. TIA.

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