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You should read the thread "S-class fiasco: W140 vs. W220" in this same forum. It centers on most of the issues concerning W140 ownership.

Anyway, to sum up: yes, parts are extremely expensive for the S-class W140. You have to take into account that you are buying a top of line car from one of the top of the line vehicle manufactures.

W140s are infamous for literally eating tires faster than most cars, A/C evaporator problems (all models) and electric engine harness problems (S320).

You should be fairly O.K. buying a late model W140 (1998-1999) with low mileage and a FULL service history. Definitely STAY AWAY from early production cars (1993-1994), high mileage cars, and unkown service history.

If you are concern about running costs, STAY AWAY from W140s. Maybe a W210 or a well kept W124 will be a safer option.
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