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>more cold start problems - scary HELP!

i had posted before about my cold start problems which have somewhate abated but seems not to have gone away. this weekend brought a 30 degree swing in weather from warm to very cold this morning. i drove my car saturday when it was in the 50's no problem. next time i started it up was this morning when it was 19 degrees and of course it faltered as i expected it to and i just kept cranking and gave it a little gas since that seems to help when it happens. it started, however, it was misfiring but after about 30 seconds the misfire went away. there remained a clattering sound which seemed to gradually diminish so i drove slowly and the noise continued to diminish until after 2 miles it was completely gone. it is now running normally and i started it up again after about 7 hrs and it started up and ran normally. this is the first time that this has happened. i am thinking of having the injectors cleaned via a power cleaning service where they inject something like techron directly into the throttle body. i don't know if there's anything else that i should do at the moment - any suggestions would be appreciated!
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