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What is the highest mileage anyone has heard of on a 2.3 litre gas engine. My 91 has 280 K and is basically original. I did a valve job/head gasket at 110 K because the coolant had some water in it. I have done the timing chain 2x and the water pump 2x. The bosch wires were replaced with magnecor (much better) as the original wires started leaking badly (you could see little sparks at night)I used magnecor because the set of bosch wires that the dealer warrantied also started leaking. The only engine mods are a supersprint header and a K&N air filter. I used redline 20-50 oil/ evry 4-5 k. For the first time I am starting to burn a little oil, about 1 qt per 3000 miles. I suspect but am not sure about the guides and seals. Shoulds I just pop off the head and do a valve job and guides/seals...or do you think at this mileage an entire rebuild is needed. Pretty decent power in the to stay even with a new BMW 4cyl/ manual fom 55-90...really! Just the other day on the 101! Guy was trying to pass me and couldn't, saw him floor it and downshift then upshift...dead even. So I guess I still have 130-140 HP.
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