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Just got back from the A/C shop. All I can say is "brrrrr....."

The system took a little over 1 pound of R-12, pressures of 30/230 resulting with 42 degrees output at the center registers, ambient air temp at the time was 82.9 degrees in the shop. We tried 30/210 but the aux fan never kicked in, at 230 it did. Sight glass is cycling between bubbles/no bubbles just as Benzmac stated (more bubbles when fan kicked on).

Making for a very enjoyable ride in 100 degree heat. Now need to fix a couple air leaks in the ducts, losing cold air thru the bottom of dash with low output to drivers side vent, passenger side has good flow.

Overall, the interior of the car cooled off quickly and in short order I was able to turn the A/C down to low to maintain a comfortable level. Even in the mid-day sun, the horn ring was very cool to the touch after just a few minutes and the entire steering wheel was cool by the time I reached the house.

Benzmac & David, thanks for the help.

Mike Tangas
73 280 SEL 4.5
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