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FinLLY the muffler is bad

hey guys i was always afraid of this problem but yesterday suddenly the car started to sound like its has a diesel motor in it
well i took it to a near by shop and they checked it out and they told me that in my 93 400 e the part which is right after the cattellic converter has 2 big holes in it i called the dealer to get the prica on it they said the original one is one piece only but now i have to buy a 2 piece (coz its teh only one availabe) and the price they old me comes around 1000 bucks just in the parts
well i would really appreciate if u guys can let me know about my options and where can i get the cheaper parts for it
i know this is the best time to install a remus exaust system in my car but i m double minded
one more thing if i wanna go with the performance exaust system whats the difference between remus and supersprint which is better
i think i would stick to stock if i can get it way cheaper than the other one s
thanks in advance
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