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O.K. so you are working with Idle Speed Air Valve! Perform the following test. Igniton on, engine off. Disconnect plug from idle
speed air valve. Connect battery voltage to idle speed air valve.
The valve should switch audibly. This can also be felt. If you do not feel and hear the valve working, replace the idle air speed valve. If it works OK, test voltage supply between plug's terminal #2 of the idle valve and ground. It should be approx battery voltage. If there is no voltage, disconnect battery, disconnect plug from ECU and test for continuity between plug terminal #1 of idle valve and terminal # 3 of ECU plug. If there is no continuity repair open circuit. If there is connection, you will need to perform more tests. Also test for continuity between plug's pin #2 of air valve and pin #2 of OVP relay. Let me know what you find out. I know I am repeating some of the work you have already done, but I want others to follow the procedure when they need it.

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