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Mike, this is most certainly an unusual question, so I went to ALLDATA and this is the removal process that might help you get to the motor mechanism. Let me know if this works.

Electric Mirror

Removal and installation of electrically adjustable outside mirror

A. Mirror glass

Remove and install

Force mirror glass out with plastic wedge and pull off plug for mirror heater. Note: The mirror glass can be mounted only with the drive tappet of the electric motor in retracted position and aligned toward mirror glass mount.
Insert plug for mirror heater.

Engage mirror glass audibly into drive tappet and engage mount for turnstile (arrows).
B. Complete outside mirror

Remove and install

Unclip cover plate from door frame (arrows) and pull out of door trim in upward direction.

Unscrew fastening screw on electric plug connection and pull off plug (electric motor and mirror glass heater).

Unscrew fastening screws for outside mirror and remove mirror.
For installation proceed in reverse order.
Copyright 2003 ALLDATA LLC
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