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As Steve indicated, Freeze 12 contains 20% R142B. The manufacturer relies on that 20% of refridgerant to carry the mineral oil in the system. The remaining 80% is R134a which cannot carry the mineral oil. Do you think that 20% refridgerant can do a good lub job? Can R142B damage the seal/hoses? I would like more people like you to try it first to see if Freeze 12 (or other type) works as claimed before I use it. Meanwhile, I will stick with R134a which has been proven working and cheap and the results are prodictable. R134a has its shortcoming but I understand it. Other refridgerants, I do not know much about them and I cannot rely on the manufacturer's statements.

I believe the Freeze 12 have to be liquid charged. Some A/C system has the intake port so close to the compressor. If you are not careful letting the liquid refridgerant sucked into the compressor, you could damage the compressor.


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