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300TE starting question...

I just had my 1988 300TE gone through mechanically with the following items replaced:

plug wires
all filters
all fluids
all fuel lines
any distressed hose
oil & filter
tranny service
other things I can't remember...

Before these items it had a "slow" stumbling type of start that would sometimes require a second starting attempt, but always started.

After the "tune up" the "hard/stumbling" start is still there. Is there something I've missed that is causing this hard start?

It runs great and very smooth at any rpm and pulls much harder on the highway and around town. It starts cold so I'm assuming the "choke" is compensating for something lacking once it is warm. Also at idle the car will feel as though it is slightly shaking.

What am I missing? Fuel pump? Is there a fuel regulator? Fuel pump check valve? Accumulator? It seems to be fuel related.

Thank you!
Brian W.

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