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w124 - resistor in spark plug wires?

Today i checked out my distributor cap and spark plug wires.

The cap had a lot of nasty residue on the copper points. -Dremel'ed it away but will get a new cap asap.

As i understand it, the wires has a specific resistance which may be wrong if i buy aftermarket wires. Right?

My wires are Bougicord wires. Is that aftermarket stuff or OEM?

The resistance in the wires were as follows:

1: 1870 Ohm
2: 2325 Ohm
3: 3219 Ohm
4: 3180 Ohm
5: 4360 Ohm
6: 4940 Ohm

The increasing resistance is of course due to the increasing lenght of the wire.

But if there is this much difference, how can it be a problem to buy aftermarket cables? -OEM's are $240

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