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Unhappy sl300 stalled and wont start, Please Help!!!

Hello, I have a SL300, 91. The problem I'm having is, I cant get the car to start. Its been sitting for a while and today I got into it and started it up and it was running fine until about 5-10 min later when it just stalled. I tried staring it back up and Its not happening. I looked everywhere for an engine fuse but I cant find it. The fuses under the hood near the firewall, (drivers side) are all fine, The 2 fuses on the OVP? I guess you call it on the pass side are ok and the one in the trunk. Please tell me there are more!! I held the gas pedal down while cranking it for the last time and I smelled gas so i assume its not a fuel problem.
Any hints? Thank you all for your time. Awsome site!!! Rick
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