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500 vs 600

As the other members have suggested, research all that you can about both models; the appeal of the 600 can be overwhelming, and if your head and your heart are in sync, make a choice that works for you. The consensus (in my mind) of 95% of any forum, anywhere, is that the 600's are expensive to own, operate, and maintain, and problematic, especially if pre 94/95. Having said all that, and knowing what the historical views are on these cars, my wife and I have a 93 600sl and a 93 600sel. These are both daily drivers with the sel averaging 8,000 km/month. At this point in our ownership, both of these cars have been absolutely amazing in their ability to go, and go, and go, without much more than gas, and regular service. The upkeep has been less (for us)on either of these 2 cars than on other vehicles that we have owned thru the years (MBs included). I don't know if we have been extremely fortunate in obtaining 2 early 600s that are "keepers" and bug free, or if there is just an "urban legend" of how expensive and problematic 600s are. The techs that work on the cars have the best insight into actual repair time/costs and complexity of the car. I can only relate to you what our experience has been with the 600s to this point in time, hopefully the excellent experience will continue. If you do decide to entertain the purchase of the 600, absolutely have the car inspected thoroughly by a tech that knows and has experience on the 600s. We had both of ours inspected with a detailed written report on completion, before making the decision to purchase. Best of luck....

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