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Uh Oh -- 300E may need a head gasket.


I'll spare the details of the two gallons of coolant needed to get me home yesterday. Engine got hot but not in the red.

Coolant had to go somewhere but I did not see a lot of white smoke out the exhaust. No milky substance in oil which was less than a week old. (It was not using oil so the bottom end should be okay.)

Car made it home last night and was idling rather rough. After letting it cool to a level that I could add water, the car would start fine.

When I came out the morning, it would not turn over. Battery power seemed fine but I did not put a meter on it. I suspect fluid in a cylinder so I left it sit while I caught the CTA to work.

I am going to pull the plugs and see if any plugs are wet then use some compressed air to blow out each cylinder and see if any water sprays out. Then try cranking it unless someone here says otherwise.

If been in touch with a good ind. shop here in Chicago that's fairly close to me. (Recommended by forum members)

Here's their opinion:

Head gasket -- Replace
Send head out to make sure it's okay and milled (whatever) if not.
Valve job along with seals.
Change timing chain and tensioner (poosible that it might not have to be done. However, with a milled head, the chain might not be tight enough.)
Check camshaft followers.

Cost -- $2,037.00

Okay, anything sound out of the ordinary? Anything else that ought to be done while in there?

Cost out of line? (Seems okay if a valve job is being done. Mechanic says if you are in there, you might as well with 135K on the odometer.)

Worth it on a 1990 300E?

Sad in the Windy City.
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