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From one of my previous posts: "Had the same problem with a couple of my vents (1986 2.3-16V). I ended up purchasing ALL new vents (qty: 4). The price was pretty reasonable at my local MBZ dealer -- about $9.00 each. Other than that, I was told you could remove the vents and glue a small strip of felt to either of the sides to create more friction. To remove the vents, get a couple of needle-nose pliers and a rag (to prevent
gouging the vent). Grip a vent blade near each end of the vent and pull straight out. To install, just line up the slots with the pegs and push in."

Hope this helps.

*1986 2.3-16V
*Pearl Black AMG rims, yellow calipers
*Pearl Black grille and frame
*Euro headlights, clear blinkers
*Smoked taillights
*Zebrano wood kit
*White-faced gauges
*H&R springs/Bilstein shocks (yet to be installed)
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