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There are no dumb questions on this site! Ask as many as you would like.

(1) Answer - Where is the throttle ?
The throttle linkage is the gas pedal linkaage. When you push down with your foot on the gas pedal it moves the throttle linkage at the engine.

Is the ATF fluid same as the power-steering fluid ?
No, similiar but not the same. You could use other lubricants as well but Mercedes recommends ATF fluid (Automatic Transmission Fluid) any type will work.

DO I need to spray them or how ?
I would have someone move the gas pedal (while the engine is off) and you look at the engine and see what parts move. Take a long screw drive or other tool, dip into the can/bottle of ATF and then let it drip down on the pivots and linkages.

(3) Answer - Mine one is injection, can I use the same method as above ?
No, Fuel injection is different. You can not use the Carb/choke suggestion.

Often cold starting problems are related to the cap and rotor. Check these first and make sure they are good. Can you find Chevron's Techron fuel injector gas additive? If you can put two bottles in the fuel and drive around. You may have dirty fuel injectors and this would clean them. Sometimes takes a while.

Also, if your fuel injection system is working correctly, whether the engine is hot or cold, you should not have to use the gas pedal to start it.

Try these suggestions and keep us posted,

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