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Inductive diesel timing - Stevebfl? Benzmac? Gillybenztech?

I posted this on the Diesel Discussion forum and it was pointed out to me that you experts may not read that Forum, so here it goes again?

This is a Q for the pros (or advanced amateurs) who do this all the time - I'm guessing many of you use something other than the drip method.

I have been corresponding with Dan Flanagan (Diesel 924) concerning inductive timing of diesel fuel injection.

Dan posted an interesting piece on the use of a piezo inductive pick-up on the #1 injector line to detect the injection pulse, which could then be converted to regular ignition timing light flashes with an inductive timing light clipped to this tool. Timing then avoids messing with drips and disconnected injector lines.

He mentioned the expensive Snap-On tool, a cheaper version of which is the Ferret FER765 available from for $190.

The Ferret instructions make it clear that the correct timing setting using this tool should be determined by reference to a well timed diesel - i.e. if that returns, say, 5 degrees BTDC, then that's the right setting to look for.

Dan Flanagan (who has contributed some excellent pieces here) has yet to test the tool, so my question is whether anyone here has calibrated the tool for use on the MB diesel? The MB Shop thread cited above seems to indicate that the 24 degrees BTDC is not the right setting for the inductive method. I assume that the fuel pulse in the injector line is later than the onset of delivery, so that sounds logical.

IF you have used a similar tool and done this, I would be interested to learn more, as I am contemplating purchase of the tool and am tired of using the messy drip method. No, it would not be helpful to tell me to do the drip method once more and calibrate the thing myself!

Thanks in advance.
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