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Unhappy W202 C180 Euro 1994

Well, I happen to have a 1799cc 4 cyl engined C180 which apparently was not well looked after when I accidentally bought it being an impulsive buyer. I had to spend $$$ to fix up all the parts which were not apparently wrong or faulty when I test drove it. Being the nerd I am, I was bloody swindled upside down!
If I meet the previous owner now, I would put him in the middle of Baghdad for a "shock and awe" show and blast him with one of the MOAB thingies. The harness is looking to go sometime soon, hope I sell it first. The part which is exposed near the engine head right side has wire insulation cracking and getting brittle. Since it was 188,000kms when I took over, I should have expected it wouldn't be like new. I have replaced the whole exhaust system, the fuel pump and filter, the water pump, belt, tensioner, complete service done, vacuum leaks fixed, auto adjusted for jerk in 2 to 3 changes, kickdown switch replaced, battery changed, sunroof serviced and greased, front spring pads changed to level the front....... Won't go through this again ever! Next car will be a brand new C class, but I will have to raid the bank first!
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