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Originally Posted by tyl604 View Post
Mods - thanks to Alec300SD I finally found out where the Wickis/stickies are now. They are under General Information. I think a lot more folks would use them if they could be found more easily. Suggestions:

Add the term Wikis/Stickies to the intro for General Info. Otherwise a lot of folks will not know they are inside there.

Add the ability to search inside the Gen Info tab. Once I get there I have to read thru thirteen pages of titles. Yes, you can just use the medium-good Search tab but why can't you search for something specifically inside the Wickis? Like Search - Wiki - Shift Table.

Add a real introductory sentence at the top of the general forum and outside everything else - See Wikis with helpful repair tips in General Information tab.

And last about Feb 18 in regard to the shift table showing where B2 and K1, etc were involved in shifts - I have referred folks to that shift table a lot of times - I suggested it be added as a sticky - only to be told that the new ownership of PeachParts got rid of them. But why not put it as a Wiki under General Info? I still do not see it there.

It is a great forum; hope these suggestions might be useful.

Well, I just went back and reread Alec's post and some of my comments above might be quite right - for example you can type PeachParts Wiki in your browser and it will lead you to the Wikis. Never knew that. Anyway, hope my comments can be useful.

Great catch! Thanks for doing this!
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