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Although I'm as big a Benz geek as anyone here, I would encourage MB to stay out of the manual transmission business until they can satisfactorily build one. It's like stirring a yardstick through a bowl of outmeal, not to mention that they are noisy and the shifters themsleves are remarkably ugly. European mags routinely bemoan the fact that MB can't build (or outsource) a tranny of the quality of others, particularly BMW. After owning 123's, 124's, 201's, and an SLK with a stick, I'm done. I don't think that MB sees this as a problem, because virtually no American customers want to buy sticks. The only reason that the cars are now offered in Europe with the sticks is to try to enhance their image with younger customers (read: BMW buyers). Thus, no real progress in the area. Just my .02...
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