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I've seen and heard of electric wrenches before, not impressed by them though. All seem kind of weak and heavy. If you insist harbor freight sells one with like 250ft/lbs for ~$20.

A small compressor (with low CFM output) will struggle to break loose a nut torqued to more than 120 Ft lbs.
Three different things here, size, volume, and pressure. Just because a compressor is big doens't mean it puts out a lot, nor does small mean that either. There are HUGE compressors out there, single staged with little output (CFM). On the other hand some pancake compressors can out pump pretty much any "normal" single stage compressor. I've seen 6+CFM in a pancake before, but I've also seen the worst CFMs (<2 CFM :p) in them before too.

It's also easy to twist the head off small bolts with air set to high most 1/2 inch impact guns have a pressure adjustment on near the air inlet.
While this is very true, it seems like the hammering of an impact wrench helps free it up easier. It seems much more common that I snap heads off with breaker bars than with a impact wrench (granted the torque difference, but i think there sometimes is a bad 'moment' put on the head of a bolt with a breaker bar). I guess I've just learned my limits from experience, if the 425ft/lb ingersol rand can't do it, it means either risk a breaker bar or get out the torch. I really don't favor using the 900+ ft/lb 3/4" drive impact wrench on those stuborn nuts/bolts.

I believe almost all air tools are designed for 90psi max pressure.
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