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I have already considered your suggestion. I currently have two older manual transmission MB's. It's a relatively new, or new one that I would like, such as a manual transmission, late model E Class. They are plentiful in Germany.

Somehow in my mind, it's psychologically more difficult to tear apart a new or almost new car to modify it. But I have considered it. If I knew I had everything I needed from the donor car, I would do it. If the complete donor car were sitting in my shop next to the recipient car, so that I knew that I would have every nut bolt and obscure bracket or trim piece, I'd tackle it in a heartbeat.

I am going back to Germany for two weeks in September, and if I knew EVERY single part to get off the car in the junkyard, I'd do it. And believe me, I haven't ruled this out.

Thanks for your suggestion and encouragement,

Larry Bible
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