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Originally posted by makakio:
What about them bumpers, guys? Should I post this on it's own?

Dear Makakio,
Yes, it is possible to convert a 560sl or any other 107/116 from US to Euro bumpers.
I had my 1980 450sel converted and it now looks great. You can use a set of bumpers from a US 1973 450sl or try to obtain a pair of euro bumpers from a dealer or junkyard.
Front: You will need to have the brackets for the US bumper removed as it is welded to the body. I am not sure on the 107 but on the 116, studs have to be welded to support the euro bumper. The location should be self evident as there should be holes already drilled for that purpose. You will also need to get rid of the little studs that hold the rubber piece that goes between the US bumper and body. After the body work is done it is all a matter of bolting on the euro bumper.
Rear: Much easier. Holes for US bumper shocks have to be covered as well as holes for rubber piece between body and US bumper. Holes should be drilled for euro bumpers, the location can be felt by running your hand behind the rear valance panel. There should be holes already drilled at the factory on the chassis, just have new holes drilled to match the factory holes. That should cover most of it. Let me know if you have any more questions about the conversion.
Best regards,
Joe Brasileiro
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