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You should try driving a new C240 auto. Yikes!!!!!
The engine makes all kinds of noise, but the car takes it's sweet
time to do anything. I had a 240d that could kickdown and accel
faster than these things.

As far as fixing your car. I don't know of any patch. MB considers
the shift delay normal and a fluke of "drive by wire".
You might want to call Renntech or Brabus to see if they have any
goodies to fix-up the .6 transmission shift times.

You could use your "tip-shift" to manually shift yourself.
this can speed up the gear change process.
Otherwise you can go to the dealer. Ask them to reset your
transmission shift adaptation data and start driving like an
animal. If you drive like a heavy footed a-hole, the trans may
shift the way you like after a while.

Just a thought.

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