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190e starting/running issues

Well it is spring here in the Northeast and that means it's time to get the 190e out of the garage. I have a few issues though. It starts hard and runs a little rough, smokes a bit (not billowing and there seems to be no specific color to it). I have started it periodically over the winter. it has has the #1 intake valve tapping for a year now.. and I am about to order a new follower to fis that issue - that may smooth it out.

Here is where I need some assistance. The car is hard to start.. I have to turn it over for like 10 -12 seconds before it even thinks of firing after sitting for hours. I have found that if I turn the key on just enough to let the fuel pump buzz.. and I repeat this a few times (6 or 7) and I apply light pressure to the gas pedal, the car starts easier, maybe turning over 3 seconds. Once the car starts, it runs a bit rough when I apply gas and will stall when put into gear, then it will start right up with 3 seconds of turning over. It is idling at 1100. I think I may have a fuel pressure leak or low pressure - I will test this in the next couple days. Does it sound like I am going in the right direction?

This is what has been done in the last year (I put all of 300 miles on the car last year):

new valves, valve guides, valve seals.
new camshaft and rockers ( used the old followers).
new water pump, timing chain & tensioner, radiator.
new injector seals.

All help is, as usual, much appreciated.
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