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16v clutch pedal problem

When I run my car on warm days (70F +) and do driving in traffic, my clutch pedal drops to the floor when I depress the clutch pedal and attempt to shift (usually downshift when coming to a stop). I have to reach down and manually pull it back up and it will operate normally for a short while until it happens again. It does not exhibit this behavior in cool weather (60F). I have, bemusedly, been living with this for a while, but now it is has become a safety issue (I have been rear-ended because of it).

Any ideas? In reviewing the records for the car, I don't see any record for clutch replacement. Could it need a new clutch? Is this a failure of the either master or slave cylinders (or both?) Is the fluld getting too hot and boiling?

'87 2.3-16v
'92 500E
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