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I have a 95 C280 and recently replaced my temp bulb in my cluster. It was fairly easy, and I did not pull off my steering wheel or have any specailty tools. I pulled the tweeter cover to the left of the console and then pulled the tweeter off to the side. Next, pulled off the heater duct cover(under the tweeter)-it comes out with two screws then by depressing two small clips in the bottom of the heater duct cover. I then had enough room to fit my hand behind the cluster and carefully push it out. I did however, cut a small bit of coat hanger, fashioned a small loop on one end(to fit over my thumb) and the other end I bent over in a small catch, to aid me. Once I got it pulled loose, unclipped the two connections on the back, I was able to(at the correct angle) pull the cluster free.

hope that helps,

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